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All-in-one platform

Easily manage and deliver quality teaching, learning

Live Teaching with Zoom Integration

Enjoy hassle-free online teaching with a robust, lightweight interface. Highly secured and easy. Foster better communication.

  • This platform helps you get your students engaged in many different ways.
  • facilitating the dynamics and connection that occurs in a classroom.
Streamline fee collection online

SchoolURO helps you to manage student admissions and payments efficiently.

  • Best online fee collection platform for educational campuses.
  • Online school fee payment system is highly convenient way of fee collection procedure
  • Its safe and secure
Send and Receive Assignments online

Using SchoolURO app, provide homework and assignments to students and track their submissions without any hassle. Send instant notifications to parents and students for non-submission.

  • Digital learning has made learning interesting and fun for students.
  • One of the key advantages of virtual classrooms is that you can save your energy, time and money.
A Mobile App of your own institution

SchoolURO provides you a mobile app through which Students can access study materials and can attend exams.

  • The app is supported on both Android and iOS.
  • The contents of the app can be controlled from the Admin/Staff side of SchoolURO.
  • It makes curriculum management very easy and handy.

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